Frequently Asked Questions


Buying, Selling & Ordering Online

What is listing?

You’ll fill out a title, pick a price, and upload photos. Your listing helps customers get a sense of what you produce and how you produce.

How do i get paid?

Just like Farmers Markets, you get paid directly from customers in cash. Offer either Local Pickups or Cash on Delivery to home, restaurants or stores.

What can I sell?

Farmers Canada operates similarly to Farmers Markets. You can sell everything that you are allowed to sell at farmers markets throughout Canada. Products must be locally grown and cultivated by you and you must agree to our terms and conditions before you can start selling.

How can i become a vendor?

It all starts by signing up with your email address. There’s one time instant store setup, just select few options to configure your online store. The last step is to start listing your produce. Once you’re done, you have your personal store page, and all your produce is listed everywhere on Farmers Canada. You will get notifications every time customer orders online and you have a choice to accept or reject the order.

Do i qualify to sell online?

Make sure you’re eligible to operate a business in Canada. If you’re a registered legal business entity and have all the paper work done as per the Canadian law, you are welcome to sell with us. All you gotta do is signup and make an online presence, customers will find you on our site every day.

Do i need to Pay to order any product?

We currently don’t offer online payments hence you must pay the seller directly upon receiving your products.

Do I need an account to place an order?

It’s recommended that you signup before placing an order but it’s completely optional. You will always receive email notifications for the product you purchase.

I have placed the order but want to cancel or change some items, can I?

All products listed on our website are non-refundable unless otherwise clearly specified by the seller. If your order has been shipped then you must wait for it to arrive before you can return it to the seller. You can contact our the seller directly cancel or change some items.

If you have any other question or concern. Please contact our support team or live chat with our available support team member.