For Farmers, Florists, and Bakers

Farmers Canada allows you to create your own shopfront within minutes and start attracting local customers from your own city or within a certain area of your business. Without the need of any prior knowledge of software or web, anyone can become a vendor.

Following are some of our main features that you would enjoy.

Online Marketplace

Join online local food marketplace and setup your own shopfront. Your shopfront works like your own website where you can showcase all your fresh produce and share on social media to reach more customers.

Local Pickups

Offer your customers a choice to pickup the produce locally at your farm store. When a customer places a local pickup order, you have an option to either accept or reject the order. Once accepted, customer gets your farm address and pickups time as a text message.

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery is perhaps the favorite feature to customers. You can either offer free delivery to a certain area or charge a minimum amount for free delivery. With cash on delivery, you get paid directly from a customer in cash.

For Consumers, Restaurants and Food Hubs

Farmers Canada allows you to buy farm fresh produce directly from farmers without the need of a middleman. Consumers have the choice to request Free Local Pickups or request cash on delivery. Restaurants can buy in bulk directly from farmers and cut the cost by more than 70 percent.

Farm Fresh 365 Days

Farm fresh produce is available 365 days a year for consumers to buy. Produce from Farmers is relatively cheaper than grocery stores and most local farmers grow GMO and pesticide-free food. By buying locally you’re directly investing in healthy, sustainable future and economy.

Pickup or Delivery

You have the choice to choose either option. Buy selecting local pickups you can meet with farm owners direct at their farms and pickup your orders anytime. Some farmers also deliver locally, and you have the option to choose a delivery time and pay when the order arrives.

Learn About Your Food

By buying locally, you know where your food comes from, how it is produced and by whom. Learn about what methods farmers use to grow food and when it is available.Farm fresh food is healthy and most farmers produce GMO-free food.