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We’re building our network globally. Starting from Canada, now we’re in the United States as well and expanding our reach to Australia, India, France and United Kingdom in next few months. Our goal is to make cities of the world more green and self-sustainable. Where food comes directly from farms and is grown locally by local farmers.
Find your network below and help us get our message across the world.

Farmers 365 United States

Farmers 365 United States

Online Farmers Market in the United States was launched after a great success in Canada. USA is the 3rd largest farmers country in the world after China and India. Yet the number of family farms are dramatically decreasing every year. United States had over 20 Million farms in 1950, this number decreased by half in just 20 years and today in 2017, there are only 2 Million Family Farms left. Factory Farms and Corporations are taking over the food industry and this is heartbreaking.
Join us in our movement and vision to change this trend and make family farms reach directly to local consumers.

farmers Canada

Farmers Canada

Farmers Canada is our first Online Farmers Market. It started as an idea in 2016 when a group of students interviewed local farmers in Peterborough, ON for their school project. The goal was to find everyday problems faced by farmers and help make Peterborough a Transition Town Peterborough. The number one problem that every farmer faced was distribution and marketing. Being busy at Farms, it was not possible for them to go to Farmers Market every day and to grocery stores or restaurants to sell their produce. This led us to start Farmers Canada in an attempt to minimize their distribution and marketing efforts. And within just a year, we have come a long way and expanding our reach to all over the world.
Join us in our movement and vision to make the world greener and self-sustainable.

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