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Start by creating a listing. It's like a profile page for your Farm.

What is listing?

You'll fill out a title, pick a price, and upload photos. Your listing helps customers get a sense of what you produce and how you produce.

What can you sell?

Sell anything that's locally grown or cultivated by you. Including bakery, eggs, dairy, meat, honey, beverages, CSA basket or even farm tours.

How do you get paid?

Just like Farmers Markets, you get paid directly from customers in cash. Offer either Local Pickups or Cash on Delivery to home, restaurants or stores.

Are You Looking for a Permanent & Strong Customer Base?

Thousands of local customers looking for fresh produce every day.

We advertise your products and produce locally for free.

Build stronger and healthy community with us.

Micro Farm or multi acreage Farm, join today and meet local customers every day.

Offer free local pickups or cash on delivery in certain area.

No fees, completely free to list and sell all over Canada.

What You Get

  •   Enter into forever growing online Farmers Market in a minute.
  •   Personal profile and store page, communicate directly with customers through Facebook.
  •   More likes and followers to your Facebook and Instagram profiles.
  •   Easy to use interface, offer your customers what you like.
  •   No ads, no promotions and it's all completely free.

Family Farms Stories

Farmers Canada is changing the way people eat. Making Farm Fresh produce available to everyone everywhere is the first step to future's sustainable cities. Hear stories from our farmers about how Farmers Canada is changing the world.

Farmers Canada has saved us hundreds of farmers market hours. At this age, we can not run around the city and sell our produce. Finding Farmers Canada was like a gift to us.

Rob and Susan from Barners Farm
Elmvale, Ontario

Farmers Canada has given us much needed confidence. Everyone in town now knows about our farm and ask for CSA baskets, this really makes us more passionate for what we do.

Josh and Rebeca from The Eastwood Farm
Berrie, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

It all starts by signing up with your email address. There's one time instant store setup, just select few options to configure your online store. The last step is to start listing your produce. Once you're done, you have your personal store page, and all your produce is listed everywhere on Farmers Canada. You will get notifications every time customer orders online and you have a choice to accept or reject the order.

How do i get paid?

Farmers Canada works exactly as Farmers Markets, customers pay you directly in person. You list your price for your produce online and customer shows up with cash at your pickup address or pays you at the time of delivery. Farmers Canada doesn't deal with online payments as of this moment but soon in future, you will have a choice to accept online payments directly on your PayPal account.

Do i qualify to sell online?

Make sure you're eligible to operate a business in Canada. If you're a registered legal business entity and have all the paper work done as per the Canadian law, you are welcome to sell with us. All you gotta do is signup and make an online presence, customers will find you on our site every day.

Do i need to pay any fees or need Credit/Debit card?

No, you do not need to pay any fees and do not need Credit/Debit card. All our services are completely free to Canadian Farmers and Customers. Farmers Canada doesn't sell any product or services to users. We're just an online medium to bring the local community together to build a healthy and sustainable future.


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